Secure Wireless Networking

Once you have had your broadband connection optimised for maximum speed and maximum stability don’t forget to connect your “smart phone” or “tablet” to your wireless router or access point so whenever you’re at home you benefit from the faster speed and save your mobile data plan allowance for when you really need it – out and about.

For home or small office use you should use WPA-PSK or the more recent WPA2-PSK encryption, but not WEP, although WEP is better than no encryption at all (open). Businesses can go further by implementing 802.1X protocol using an authentication server but this is normally only used in large enterprises and is overkill in most situations.  Hiding (not broadcasting) the SSID and using MAC address filtering does not provide any extra “real security” as a wireless adapter placed in monitor mode and “sniffing the air” will see both anyway.  MAC address filtering is typically used for businesses to provide a some level of blocking ex employees who may know the WPA code or to only allow select personnel to certain areas of the network.

All routers wireless or not should have a decent administrative password and have Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) disabled unless specifically required.

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