Broadband Fault Diagnostic Specialist

Intermittent/slow or no broadband at all?

If you cannot get satisfaction or good service from your broadband service provider, or simply wish to avoid call centre procedure and policies then call me for good advice and on-site help.

Many broadband faults for ADSL (broadband through the phone line) are caused and cured within the house or business premises.  I can also determine whether the problem is with your computer(s)/router/main phone line/local exchange and advise you on your best course of action.  You will find my callout charges are far less than your service provider’s.

My help will range from basic set-up assistance including your computer to advanced problem solving such as isolating sources of R.E.I.N. (Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise), faulty wiring and fitting a dedicated broadband socket so you dispense with untidy plug-in filters and direct all of your incoming broadband signal to one point (to your router) rather than dispersing your signal across all of your phone extensions, therefore making full use of the supplied broadband service.  You will have the fastest possible connection speed for your line and be far less prone to drop-outs.

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